Sheltered inside a closed peninsula mass from the often more windy and wavy conditions of an oceanfront residence, this unique location serves as the perfect access point to some of the best water and outdoor activities

Off the coast of Hatteras, NC, you find one of the best fishing grounds in all the US – only a short boat ride away.

The notoriety of the fishing experience at the Outer Banks has visitors coming here from all over the country for that alone – buying and leaving their yachts in nearby marinas for any time they’d like to come back and go out

There are guides to take people out on different sailing and boating trips all year round, also including inshore fishing. As shown on the map, this is the perfect point to start and further go anywhere you like

Hunting, fishing, diving, or just general exploring/adventure seeking, your interests here can be met

With a long term lease, we are offering a private dock all year around -with maintenance, as per the allotted agreement for only a fraction of the cost of nearby marinas – like Beaufort or Morhead City

We only have one spot currently available so please let us know if you’re interested!

Thank you

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