Renting a boat dock just got easier on Neighbors Parking

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Internet is full of websites with uncategorised listings
Finding a specific boat dock close to your location or easy accessible might take a long time trying to sort out thru all listings and websites available.
Lots of times you might find listings from companies and you are looking for a simple way to deal directly with the owner of the dock.
Other times you might need to rent it only seasonal or you may have a large boat that needs special storage.
All of those options are a few clicks away on Home –   
it is free to use and browse around, no hidden fees
You can even list your own storage if you have one available for use
Listing on the website is also easy with just a few steps to follow
-first you need to take a picture of you dock or boat storage make sure is a clear one
My suggestion is to have a wide picture taken that will attract more viewers
-next you need to add the address and pin it on the map, add your contact information and describe as best as you can your terms and conditions for renting out your space , Listings have never been made easyer before.
Take a look i know you will be surprised
This website is what all boat owner ever needed in terms of storage ,
I hope you find it as useful as i did and please share your opinion with me and them after browsing it
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