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Best Storag Solution!

Best Storag Solution!

If you are looking to make more money and have a spear parking space … you can list it on

The process is very easy and takes only 3 steps to do it.

If you have a boat, a car or a aeroplane parking space that’s it! You can make monthly money from it.

All you have to do is post your listing for free here and we will promote your parking space for free on all our social media and search engines so you can make money.

Tips for better listings:

  1. It is very good to have a clear picture .. a wide one
  2. The address is a must.. so we can put your pin on our map..this way it will be easier to find
  3. Put a contact number or email address (don’t worry.. our system automatically hide it from scrapping boots )
  4. Make a good description including the sq meters of the space that you are renting.

That’s it , you are ready to go now and remember…you can ask us any questions if you like.

Have a great parking day!

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