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There is no Better Parking solution if you are in the USA or traveling here . Are you in the US or traveling to the US and looking for where to park or you have a driveway you can share to get money in return?

Do you know you can rent out your parking space and get cash?

Do you know that 10 of every 50 cars passing beside your house are looking for somewhere nice to be park

As you all know that your home is an asset that you usually share and turn into money when you’re not using it , so also is your parking space.

Why not rent it out and start making extra income today , This is The Parking solution you have been waiting for

Whether you will like to rent your parking space during the working hours or an underground space of your apartment block all week , month or year long. Neighbors-Parking will help you find the right and perfect motorist for the space . At Neighbors – Parking, we connect users looking for parking space with those who have spaces to share for parking.

Going to the big party, game or event? Why can’t you beat the crowd by reserving a space in the event location for easy parking

We try to contribute to our community as well as our neighborhood by being a perfect connection between people from different locations to look for where they can have their vehicles parked

Whether you are looking for space to park or you have a driveway to share, is simple to navigate on the go

You can easily make and manage a listing using any browser from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop!

Our goal is to always be the greatest platform where you can come to list your unused parking spaces so people can get to see them and pay for them either daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

We’ve been connecting people and making more friends

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